Thursday, December 10, 2009

Local Search Tactics, What Closes The Sale?

If you're talking about internet advertising you're talking about Google.

Google is the whole ball of wax, it's useful to be "listed" in Bing and Yahoo but if you want to put cold hard cash in your local store's cash register you want to be Ranked Well in Google...

Google Local that is.
You're reading this because you do business in Maryland (or you'd like to)

What do the prospective customers do when they go shopping? The search online.
What do they search for? Typically they do research, they're looking for information on, background information on what ever product or service they need.

They are NOT buying at this point, they are in the mood for ensuring they make a good purchasing decision, they've are comparing price, how close the source is if they have to take it back, the reputation of the source.

If you're attempting to close a sale from one visit to your website you are dreaming.

You need to collect the email addresses of your visitors and close the sale by getting them on your email list.

Kinda like this:

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