Monday, July 26, 2010

Facebook's Spam Filter= no interaction? no one see's your posts

Almost Every Business Needs a Company Facebook Page... right now

I'm NOT talking about a Personal Facebook Profile
A Facebook Business Page is a totally differentl animal

The contents of a personal Facebook PROFILE are NOT searchable by Google, Facebook blocks Google, other Facebook users can see as much or as little of your postings on a personal Facebook page but none of the contents (posts you make, replies to your friends posts, comments other people make on your profile) none of that is going to show up in Google

BUT if you WANT google to see your marketing message and you post THAT message within a COMPANY Facebook Page, Google will see that. Some companies are even using a Facebook business page in lieu of a standard website!

Facebook Spam Filters or...Facebook Oblivion
Facebook Business Page Interaction is absolutely necessary if you want Facebook to allow your content to be distributed not ONLY to your fans but to the friends of fans (friends of friends is a whole lotta eyeballs on your offer)
Got a company facebook page? I'm finding that if you don't "bribe" people (offer value isn't really bribing) they wont "say something" or interact... no interaction = you company facebook notes are NOT going out to the News Feed
The Facebook News Feed is "friends of friends"
... that's a WHOLE LOTTA EyeBalls on your posts if you make it to the News Feed

Let's say you've got 200 FB friends, well those 200 friends have anywhere from a dozen friends of thier own to possibly 1000's of friends.
What you post to YOUR wall, shows up on THEIR walls... it also shows up in their News Feed.

Facebook spam filters look to see what should be CUT from the bigger News Feed, the algorithm will not allow spammy content to bother the wider public. If you broadcast "useless" ads, they ARE showing up on your friends walls, but they might not be displayed on those same friends news feed.

I've found out if you DON'T have interactive conversation... Facebook is burying your broadcast. No interaction= Facebook oblivion
Vanity URLS are your first priority
Facebook recently lowered the number of fans a Facebook Business Page needs to be eligible for a custom (vanity) url. From 100 down to only 25 fans. So... the first thing a company Facebook page needs to rid itself of the /pages/your-company-name?122548 (string of numbers) is to get at least 25 fans, by hook or crook, even if those first 25 fans are your cousins, your employees, people you don't even like:)

What you want is to be eligible to have Your Facebook Business Page get a vanity url