Thursday, December 10, 2009

Local Search Tactics, What Closes The Sale?

If you're talking about internet advertising you're talking about Google.

Google is the whole ball of wax, it's useful to be "listed" in Bing and Yahoo but if you want to put cold hard cash in your local store's cash register you want to be Ranked Well in Google...

Google Local that is.
You're reading this because you do business in Maryland (or you'd like to)

What do the prospective customers do when they go shopping? The search online.
What do they search for? Typically they do research, they're looking for information on, background information on what ever product or service they need.

They are NOT buying at this point, they are in the mood for ensuring they make a good purchasing decision, they've are comparing price, how close the source is if they have to take it back, the reputation of the source.

If you're attempting to close a sale from one visit to your website you are dreaming.

You need to collect the email addresses of your visitors and close the sale by getting them on your email list.

Kinda like this:

David Bruce Jr
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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

What is Search Engine Optimization?

How Important is Search Engine Optimization?

Most people who have an small business and a company website for that local business have heard about search engine optimization but the unfortunate thing is, very few people realize exactly how powerful of a tool it can be. Some people who own websites may be doing well with them and they don't worry about optimizing for the search engines at all. They can be getting traffic from social media or perhaps they are purchasing traffic from a variety of different sources online. It really doesn't matter, however, because the simple fact of the matter is, you are losing a lot of money if you're not optimizing your website for the search engines properly.

There are a number of different ways that this can be illustrated but let's use a local store as our classic example. There are two different groups of people that might be coming into your store on a Saturday afternoon, one group would simply be what could be considered tire kickers and they are only looking with mild interest at the things that are on the shelves. The second group of people, on the other hand, is looking for something that is very specific and they are already holding their money in their hands.

If you had to choose one of these two groups to have coming into your website, which one would it be? Of course, the answer is rather obvious and this is exactly what optimizing your webpages for the search engines is going to give to you. It honestly is that good.

Search engine optimization is done in a rather easy way but it does require that you learn a little bit about it, and it's very, very time consuming. There have been books that have been written on the subject and they do some good if you read them but for the most part, you just need to concentrate on two different areas.
Your on-site optimization is done directly on the webpages and the off-site optimization are links that are coming back into your website.
Doing on-site optimization does not really take much explanation. Look for keywords that are actually being used on the Internet and include them on the pages that are on your website. Make sure that they are included in key areas, however, such as the title tag and then use them naturally throughout the page. Be careful not to stuff the keyword too often as it can be considered spamming.
Optimizing your local company website (or company blog) off of the Internet is a little bit different than that. You need to get incoming links from a variety of different sources in order for your page to truly be considered optimized properly. There are so many different ways for you to do this but it is easier if you start with things such as article marketing and social bookmarking. One other thing that you might do is to write controversial information in order to pull in natural links.
Yes, search engine optimization is going to take a little bit of work on your part but getting that traffic for free from the search engines is going to make all the work that you put into it well worth it. It can help to pull in so much additional traffic to your website that it may overwhelm you at times but in the long run, what is really going to do is to push your business to the next level.
Author: Jack Miller Visit his website for a comprehensive review of SEO Elite

Local Google Advertising by Frederick Web Promotions

On page optimization for improved ranking of your company website in Local Google Search Results. Improvement of ranking within both local organic search listings AND improvement of ranking in Google Local Business Listings.
Off page industrial strength back link building services available.

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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Company Facebook Page Creation

Every Small Business Needs a Company Facebook Page

Does Your Company Have a Company Facebook Page?

Company Facebook Pages, every company needs one. They're Free and show up in Google listings along side your company website.

What? Your company doesn't have a company Facebook Page yet?

David Bruce of Frederick Web Promotions interviews Malcolm Carter of All Clean Inc of Maryland about the company Facebook presence I gave them and the exposure promoting it online has given the company.

David Bruce of Frederick Web Promotions interviews Malcolm Carter of All Clean Inc of Maryland about the company Facebook presence I gave them and it's exposure

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Do It Yourself SEO - Basic Anchor Text Linking

DIY Search Engine Optimization

SEO=Search Engine Optimization

The "optimization" part of SEO means to "optimize" your website to help make Google like it more.

While the majority of factors that go into getting one website to perform better (aka rank higher) than another website are about creating additional websites to support your site in a parent-child relationship (external sites= child your website= parent); there is still much you can do to spruce up your site to improve it's performance in the organic search rankings

This involves altering snippets of code on your site with what is known as "anchor text linking"

Simply put you take a url and "anchor" it to a url.

The url is no longer displayed as but you take a sentence (preferably a keyword combination (keyword phrase) and make those words a hot link.

The < and > symbols are known as 'lesser than' and 'greater than' symbols, respectively. In HTML, we call them "tags." Tags tell the computer how you want the information between the opening tag and the closing tag displayed on-screen.

When you open a tag, you MUST close the tag (with very rare exception--see below), or your formatting will apply to everything beyond the opening tag.

Tags, in use, look like this (note--you won't see them displayed in your posted message, but they must be typed in when you write your post. They're shown here for clarity): <B> tells the computer to display text between the tags in boldface. <B> is the bold tag, and </B> closes the bold tag. And you must use the ' / ' symbol *before* the letter in the closing tag. Anything else won't format correctly.

Some common codes for you to use...remember to put < and > around the letter to begin that command, and </> around the letter to tell the HTML to stop applying the command.

<B> This would appear in bold type. </B>

<I>This would appear in italic type. </I>

<U>This would appear underlined.</U>

To post a link to another web site, use this code:
<A HREF="">Name of webpage here</A>

**A quick dissection. 'A' means 'anchor'--as in, I want to stick something here. HREF is the URL reference. MAKE SURE you put http:// in front of the webpage address. If you put in "" it'll try to find a file named "" on the current domain. And </A> is the close tag.

To post an image, use this code:
<IMG SRC="">

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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Google IS the Internet

Google is the largest shopping center the world has ever seen.

Google IS the Internet in your customers minds.
If you are not ranked in the top ten, your company simply does not exist!

In this next serise of posts I'll demonstrate the massive overwhelming size of Google's Market Share to illustrate how important it is for your company to rank well in Google Local.

Many businesss owners are under the mistaken notion that if they can type their company name into Google, then their customers can find them.


No one knows (nor do they care) what your company name is... people type in two things and two things only:

What they want
Where they want to find it


On this day, July 11, 2009 if one Google's the phrase: Google Market Share one gets this:

Way back in 2006 we found Google with almost half the market:

March 28, 2006 12:27 PM PST

Google's market lead widens

Google is increasing its lead over Yahoo and Microsoft in the U.S. Web search market while a rebranded is inching up, according to the latest statistics from ComScore Networks.

Google's domestic market share rose to 42.3 percent in February, up from 36.3 percent a year earlier, ComScore said.

Yahoo's search market share in the United States fell to 27.6 percent from 31.1 percent a year ago, while Microsoft's MSN fell to 13.5 percent from 16.3 percent and Time Warner's America Online fell to 8 percent from 8.9 percent.

IAC Search & Media's, which unveiled a new brand and interface last month, rose to 6 percent from 5.3 percent.

Analysts predicted continued gains for Google and Ask.

"We see little to stop Google from reaching 70 percent market share eventually; the question, really, comes down to, 'How long could it take?" RBC Capital Markets analyst Jordan Rohan wrote in a research note Tuesday.

read the rest...

By 2008 the power of a Google Listing for your business rose to 65% of the entire Internet Universe:

January 2, 2008 11:31 AM PST

Google's market share tops 65 percent

Google may not have monopoly power, but it certainly has monopoly mind share. As The New York Times reports, Google's search market share has jumped from 58 percent in March 2006 to 65.1 percent today. Yahoo? Less than one-third of Google's share. Microsoft? Less than one-ninth.

Monopoly? Not in the ordinary sense of the word. Google may well be aiming for a data monopoly to keep us close forever and ever, but for now it just has a brand monopoly that keeps users on its site, feeding it ever-increasing mountains of data.

We are feeding the beast, in other words. Whether it turns out to be a benevolent or malignant beast, however, is out of our hands. An interesting quagmire..

read the rest...

By July of 2009 that figure shrank from nearly 80% of ALL searches down to 78%

July 01, 2009
Microsoft's new Bing search engine has eked out a slight gain in market share, according to statistics released Wednesday, but it has a long way to go before it catches up with industry leader Google.

Microsoft had 8.23 percent market share in June " the first month its Bing online search engine was available, according to StatCounter Global Stats, a Web site traffic analysis firm. That put Bing not far behind Yahoo's 11.04 percent market share but far behind Google's 78.48 percent.

Microsoft, which is trying to grow its online services business against Google, had a 7.21 percent share of the search market in April with its MSN Search and Live Search properties, according to StatCounter. Google's market share in April was 79.07 percent " meaning its share dropped slightly between April and June.

"At first sight, a 1 percent increase in market share does not appear to be a huge return on the investment Microsoft has made in Bing, but the underlying trend appears positive," said Aodhan Cullen, StatCounter's CEO, in a statement. "Steady if not spectacular might be the best way to describe performance to date."

Microsoft, for example, has been running a series of television advertisements that show zombielike people spouting nonsensical facts and data as a result of search overload " an effort to portray Bing as providing Web surfers with more of the information they are looking for.

Initially the market share of all Microsoft's search properties (Bing, Live Search and MSN Search combined) increased to 9.21 percent right after Bing debuted June 1, dropped back the next two weeks, then grew to 8.45 percent during the period of June 22 to 28, leading to the overall 8.23 percent market share for the month, according to Dublin, Ireland-based StatCounter.

read the rest...

June 5, 2009

Bing Steals Market Share from Google in First Week

Early stats from Statcounter show Bing taking off in a big way in the United States. As of yesterday, Bing was at 16.28% marketshare while Yahoo! hung out at 10.22% marketshare.

Meanwhile, Google's market share has dropped about 6 points from 78.07% to 71.99%.

Of course, Bing has only been live since Monday. It could just be curiosity. But if people are truly liking Bing, these numbers will be corroborated by comScore and Nielsen data. If that's the case, Bing may be a decision Microsoft got really, really right.

read the rest...


Moral of this story?

If your company can be found in the top ten Google results, not for your company name, but for the keywords people type in to find what they want... you are in business.

If not... your competitors can and will take your lunch money.

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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Why does SEO cost so much?

Internet Advertising = Search Engine Marketing

or search engine wizardry... to accomplish this in the great state of Maryland (and the entire world for that matter) requires Maryland Search Engine Optimization.

Let's break that last sentence down:

Maryland (self explanatory, I sell advertising in Maryland)

Search Engine (for 90% of us that means Google, although Microsoft's Bing is gaining ground)

Optimization= optimize your company website to be Google Friendly

Taken together it means Maryland SEO, but the optimization part has taken a back seat to link popularity/ link building/ building back links... in the artsy fartsy world of web design the derogatory term for what us SEO guys do is deemed :Link Spam

So what does Link Spam mean and is it bad for your site?

Links are currency, plain and simple, the more sites that link to your company site the better your ranking is going to be... but (and this is a HUGE but)

Inbound Links are NOT Created Equal: The quality of, the authority of the site that carries YOUR company website URL is not created equal. And what it takes to ferret out which "Quality", "Authority" sites to select for placement of YOUR company website is more art than science.

Knowing Where to Tap

There is a story popular in the marketing world where a newspaper was hours away from the deadline for the next edition. The printing machine broke. Frantically the head mechanic called in a consultant to get the printing machine fixed. Consultant walks in, taps on a pipe, the machine roars back to life.
Consultant hands the head mechanic a bill for $1005.00
Mechanic asks what's the $5 for?
Consultant explains: "$5 to tap the machine, $1000 for knowing WHERE to Tap!

SEO as a Marketing Art Form

Below are articles from popular SEO blogs I follow on the topic of how much it should cost to hire a web designer and/or SEO consultant

It’s like going to the doctor. If you tell the doctor you need a wart removed, he could tell you what the cost will be. If you tell the doctor you have a stomach pain, he can’t tell you the cost of treatment in advance of the appointment. He needs to examine you and run tests to make an accurate diagnosis which could range from indigestion (cheap) to a heart condition (expensive).

You can view me as website doctor. I can diagnose your website problem(s) in great detail but I don’t know how long the diagnosis will take me (and I charge by the hour) nor do I know how long it will take to fix the problem (and I charge by the hour).

Also, it’s hard to know in advance the type of client you might be. A certain level of client communication is part of every consulting engagement and this time isn’t billable. However, I don’t know if you’re the sort who will demand more phone time than is necessary for the job nor whether you are the sort who will try to increase the scope of the project without increasing the cost. That’s why “prix fixe” SEO scares me…every time I’ve done this, the time spent on the job doesn’t pencil back to my hourly rate.


It should be a goal of every freelancer to maximize his/her profits without sacrificing the number of clients they service, and yes, the balance between price and amount of work is a very hard one to make, but it is paramount to understand as a freelancer that what you do is an art: so price is ultimately dependent on your skill in your field of expertise.

Your Skill is an Art

The main reason why freelancers need to remind themselves that what they do is an art, is because it comes with one major advantage. It’s as simple as this, the better you are, the more you can charge. This means, that you can in theory become an excellent designer/coder/writer in a short space of time with a bit of dedication, and then end up charging your clients much more as a result.

Too many times I’ve seen designing (especially) being treated as a sort of mechanical process. Take for example in the template industry. There are a lot of people out there offering unique, custom designs for sale, but treat it as though the more designs they make in the shortest amount of time, the more money they’ll make. This is a total lopsided way of thinking when it comes to an art. Time should be taken when making a design (in this example), and you should be concentration on the quality of your work over the amount of work you produce; that way you can charge more for the template at hand and not have to work as much. The key idea here is don’t undersell yourself, the market has had enough of it already.

Take pride in your work

The work you do for a client ultimately represents you. Your personality, talent, interests, are all definable by your work; and you should, therefore, be taking great effort and pride in the work you produce. Focus on quality, not quantity, and you’ll see a nature growth in the number of clients requesting work.

If you enjoyed this article, please subscribe to the RSS feed, and bookmark us.



(the following is a guest post from Todd Mintz

Recently, I was chatting on the phone with a potential SEO client about some gig work. The conversation was going along fine until (in a roundabout way) he asked me for my “sales pitch” aka why he should use me as opposed to someone else. I don’t think my answer was particularly compelling…not because I didn’t have a good answer for him but because I had several answers that got jumbled together in a form of verbal mush. Since blogging gives me an opportunity for a “do-over” (a technique I’ve used before), I would like to recast my answer in a more powerful manner…

Hamlet does SEO

Dear client…let me count the ways..

…You asked me whether I might be a better SEO consultant than the other folks you’re considering. Since I don’t know who those folks are, I’m not able to give you much of an answer to that question. I do know that I’ve been doing SEO since the Year 2000 and I have no doubt that with an in-depth look at your analytics, I will be able to figure out your website “pain points” that you see as critical to the future health of your business.

You asked me about cost.

I told you my hourly rate which is (I believe) comparable to what others with my background and experience charge for their services.

One of my selling points is that I’m perfectly willing to sell you as little or as much of my time as you feel you need and I have no desire to lock you into any sort of long term contract. As busy as I am with multiple engagements, I’d gladly give you some flexibility in your working relationship with me…because I’d like the same flexibility in working with you. I think I can provide excellent results for you quickly and if you feel you got good value from me at an aggressive hourly rate, you’ll more likely to give me the referrals that I would desire.


Todd Mintz is the Director of Internet Marketing & Information Systems for S.R. Clarke Inc., a Real Estate Development and Residential / Commercial Construction Executive Search / Recruiting Firm headquartered in Fairfax, VA with offices nationwide. He is also a Director & Founding Member of SEMpdx: Portland, Oregon's Search Engine Marketing Association.


The Devaluing of Web Design

June 22nd was a great day.

After weeks of small projects and a little bit of pro bono work, I ended Monday with four solid estimates out the door. I’ve never had that many legitimate potential client calls in one day. Needless to say, I was thrilled.

Oh wait, did I say legitimate? I meant typical.

Actually, that’s not fair. They weren’t all bad. Two of the estimates got the green light, one never materialized, and one stayed in that initial Q & A phase. That’s the one I want to focus on. This person had the typical “I want it all but I don’t want to spend anything” attitude, and I think this scenario warrants some in-depth analysis.

The original needs for his website were very straight forward. A “brochure” site and logo design. He asked about a content management system, but after our conversation he decided to go with a static site. I drafted up the estimate and emailed it to him.

After three days and a couple back and forth emails, I got the final word from him. He wanted logo, business card and letterhead design (we do logo design, but I don’t advertise print work), a content management system, blog, the web design, and SEO (which I included in the initial estimate). I responded via email and included a revised estimate along with a brief explanation of why there was such a price increase.

I quickly got two emails back, one saying that the new price was far beyond what he thought was needed for this project, and the next email asking why he couldn’t just use Wordpress and have total control, again adding that the new estimate seemed excessive. I’m not going to disclose the actual price, but I will say it was under $10,000.

Immediately the red flag started flying, so I responded with a few words about pricing and “Sorry we couldn’t help you.”

I’m not the greatest salesman in the world, but I know I could have worked with him on a price that he would have been happier with. But really, why bother? Every web designer has dealt with this type of client, and I’m one who avoids them at all costs.

But I can’t really blame him. His reaction is so typical that it’s become expected. The problem is the web design industry, on many levels, has been devalued to the point where smaller web agencies whose client base is comprised of small business owners simply can’t justify their prices, even though the prices are completely realistic.

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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Maryland Internet Advertising on AOL

Get Frederick Web Promotions to do your companies online publicity and you might get to keep your job. Maryland Search Engine Optimization Hired Gun

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Monday, March 30, 2009

North Carolina Hunting Videos

Examples of Overwhelming Firepower

A Picture is worth a thousand words... you tell me if these photos show you EXACTLY what you'll get by contracting David Bruce of Frederick Web Promotions:

These are not Maryland Results, what you're looking at here are the same tactics I use to promote my Maryland Small Business Clients websites in Google/ MSN/ Yahoo, but used for my North Carolina client: Camo4x4s Hunting Videographer.

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North Carolina Hunting Search Engine Results pages

North Carolina Hunting Videography

North Carolina Hunting Search Engine Results pages

North Carolina Hunting Videographer

North Carolina Hunting Search Engine Results pages

NC hunting video MSN 3_25_09

North Carolina Hunting Search Engine Results pages

NC hunting video AOL 3_25_09

North Carolina Hunting Search Engine Results pages

Camo4x4 Search Ranking North Carolina Hunting

North Carolina Hunting Search Engine Results pages

Camo4x4s Search Ranking NC Hunting

North Carolina Hunting Search Engine Results pages

North Carolina Hunting 3_24_09

Yahoo search results for North Carolina Hunting screen shot taken 3/24/09

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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Social Media Marketing for Maryland Business

Social Media Marketing Strategies

By Tammy Corbett (c) 2009

There has been a significant jump in the popularity of social media websites over the past few years. With it has come a shift in the way that people search for information and how they share and consult opinions on the internet when making purchasing decisions.

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Social media sites such as Facebook, StumbleUpon and Digg, give users a voice on the internet by providing tools to connect, exchange views, share content, information, and recommend products and services using the "thumbs up or down" approach. This has caused a huge shift in the way people search for information online. More and more, Internet users rely on the opinions of others before they buy into the validity of a product or service.
"Word of mouth" is no longer only from mouth to ear, but is more frequently spread on social media sites and it has never been so powerful. Any product or service deemed worthy is promoted, shared, or discouraged against in these online social communities.

Social Media Marketing (SMM) targets users by promoting content through bookmarking, blogging, online video sharing, and social networking to potentially expand audience and drive traffic. Businesses are beginning to understand the power of these influences when it comes to establishing a reputation and growing their online business. Social media marketing strategies such as a business' engagement in various social media websites can help to generate branding and a personal connection with its users.

Business Profiles
One of the most important social media marketing methods includes posting business profiles on social media websites such as Facebook and LinkedIn. Instead of waiting around for consumers to come to you, you have to reach out to your target audience. Solidifying your presence in the social media community creates a direct interaction between business and consumer that may not dramatically improve conversion rates but is definitely capable of establishing branding power and credibility. The valuable feedback consumers provide promotes insight in determining what business strategies are working and what could be re-evaluated to make a website more user-friendly.

Search Results
The influence of social media sites has changed the way search engines define placement. Images, videos and news content featured on social media sites such as Youtube, Digg, and Flickr are equally capable of sitting comfortably at the top of the search results leaving others, who have not yet jumped on the social media bandwagon, a little confused.

(for example... my competitors, if you want to call them that. "Sucessful people do the things that failures don't like to do" - Earl Nightengale)

About The Author
Tammy Corbett is the resident expert for social media marketing at Red Carpet Web Promotion, Inc.

So what does all this mean to a Local Maryland Small Business?
It means if you own a small business...

or if you work for a small business and you want to keep your job... You want to get a Facebook account for your company.

And you need a pro to run it for you...

So who's is gonna do this for you and how much is it gonna cost?

Announcing Frederick Web Promotions now offers Ghost Writing Services for Company Facebook Accounts. Facebook blocks the content of your personal Facebook page from Google's indexing. Facebook Fan Pages, however, are searchable (and index-able) by Google.

Company Facebook Fan Pages created, managed, and Ghost Written

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Friday, March 27, 2009

Search Engine Optimization for MD small business

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Put a conventional website up against a well constructed blog and the blog will crush the website in Google rankings every time. A website doesn't stand a chance.

Websites "are" in Google, blogs PERFORM in Google.
If you've just stumbled onto this RSS feed and remember to subscribe to Maryland Internet Advertising on Blogger via Email to ensure you can enjoy the latest post(s).

SEO or Search Engine Optimization= I get you to occupy the high ground (useful in any battlefield situation) what YOU do with the high ground is up to you. (if your sales copy sucks or your offer sucks I cant do anything about that, all I did was get you to out rank your competitor) You paid me for that and I gave it to you. the rest is up to you

SEM or Search Engine Marketing= I get you to occupy the high ground and once that's done we continue to test (split test) conversion rates. tweak copy, tweak keywords, find out what people are actually BUYING and give them that.
Obviously that costs quite a bit more.

SEO costs are relative to the value of the high ground and not relative to work required
SEM costs are man hours+ knowing where to 'knock'. Man hours are just as expensive as a lawyer firm hiring a team to work on a case

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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Ecommerce Bright Spot in Economy?

Ecommerce Purchases on the increase.

Not much but it is UP.

According to Industry Tracking Firm Coremetrics
The figures for number of items purchased online and the total dollar volume of online purchases increased in both December 2008 and January 2009.

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Order dollar value up
January was a month of casual browsing, with limited purchases at online retailers, according to a report from marketing firm Coremetrics

Some categories are actually doing a good job of attracting consumers. And when we look at the average number of items per online order, we see that those consumers who actually decided to buy online bought more items for a higher total dollar amount."

Compared to December 2008, the average number of items that consumers purchased per order increased 23 percent in the online retail category as a whole. The average dollar value of those orders also rose by 8 percent.

Home goods retailers were successful at getting fewer shoppers to buy more items for a higher total dollar value as they saw a 26 percent increase in the average number of items per order. In addition, they nearly saw a 41 percent increase in the average value of those orders.

Health and beauty retailers reported a 5 percent jump in browser sessions and a 22 percent increase in the average number of items per order. However the average order value decreased by 5 percent.

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