Thursday, December 18, 2008

Secret Weapon- Flickr

If you want to get indexed quickly by Google for

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, use a blog

Put a conventional website up against a well constructed blog and the blog will crush the website in Google rankings every time. A website doesn't stand a chance. Websites "are" in Google, blogs PERFORM in Google.
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If you want to get indexed within 8 hours of posting... use Yahoo's

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In the early days of Internet Advertising, all one had to do was add meta tags and use a cute description and Google would 'take your word for it'.

After a short time, pedophiles quickly learned that they could throw up Girl Scout Cookie websites and as soon as Google indexed them put porn on the site. It could take the search engines up to 6 weeks to update, verify, corroborate what the webmaster claimed the site was about.

The Internet is too vast for any group of humans to edit/ double check/ verify. So what Google did to re-mediate that problem was to introduce an algorithm. Goolgebot can't read, but it can count. If your keywords aren't repeated a given number of times per hundred words of text, guess what?

So what does that have to do with Flickr?

Googlebot can not read a photo.

Googlebot can not read at all, but it can count.

Googlebot can count keywords, it can count the number of times a keyword is repeated, in Search Engine Optimization speak, this is called "keyword density".

So, can Googlebot read a .jpeg photo? Well, if Googlebot can't read your text, it sure can't read a picture... you can't even read a picture.

When Googlebot 'reads' a body of text what is it looking for?

You submit to Google asserting that your page is about a given topic, Google now knows better than to take your word for it. Remember the story above about the pedophiles and Girl Scout websites?

Googlebot scans your copy, scans the body of text on your page and determines for itself what your page is about.

Googlebot can not do that with an image. All Googlebot can go by is your description, it *has* to take your word for it.

For some reason, and I'm not going to pretend to know the exact reason why this is (only the Google Gods know this and they're not telling), when you submit an image to any of the online image hosting sites such as:

  • Photobucket

  • Picasaweb

  • Flickr

  • When you post to Flickr, it shows up in Google search results within hours.

    There, now that I've told you one of my trade secrets I'll have to k...

    Nah... Frederick Web Promotions is more than a 1 trick pony, go ahead, improve your corporate Google Rankings, after you've made yourself look good to your boss, you'll be back for more tips and tricks.

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