Friday, March 26, 2010

Twitter As Ad Blaster? How's That Working Out For Ya?

How Is Your Business Using Twitter?

As an ad blaster?
Do you send constant tweets of your offerings?

To many small businesses, twitter is seen as an extra free way to get your message across, to "get eyeballs on your offer"

Trouble is... you're spamming the hell out of your followers.
People no longer want or even NEED advertising, not traditional advertising anyway.

Google has permanently altered the publics habits and altered it so completely traditional advertising is dead and buried.

when you “PUSH” your ad on someone… it doesn’t make em want to buy, it actually pisses them off.
When they’re ready to buy: They fire up their computer, go to and do their research… at this point THEY ARE READY TO BUY
They are NOT READY TO BUY unless and until they’ve go to Google to scope things out.
People who are ready to buy, have their credit card handy but first…
they’ve got to check and see if there are any complaints about “company X”, or reviews about “Product Y”, or lawsuits about “company Z”
Don’t take my word for this… see for yourself here:
Why Advertising Fails.
  1. Consumers do not trust advertising
  2. Consumers do not want to view advertising

  3. Consumers do not need advertising

The Ages Old Model of Pushing an ad on someone when they’re looking for something else no longer produces sales… it simply pisses people off.
So what we do if we need to sell something?

Someone’s Got to Answer The Twitter

Now Hiring: Twitterceptionist!
Now I’ve got a new job classification: Social Media Optimization in addition to Search Engine Optimization
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