Thursday, December 1, 2011

Feedburner SEO Tip

What is it about a Blog that makes it so very much better than a conventional website?

the simple answer is Google favors fresh content, a static website by it's very nature is NOT fresh news, a blog on the other hand is by it's very nature a news delivery system, it is a press release internally, what happens "under the hood" of a blog makes it into a press release.

And why does a blog "Broadcast" and a static website not?

Why can we Ping a blog but not a plain Jane/ static website?


that is THE magic elixir that makes a blog a JUGGERNAUT in terms of performing in Google search results.

Just having an RSS feed "sit there" doesn't do you (or the news services that are actively seeking YOUR blog posts) any good.

There are things you can do "TO" an RSS feed (have it run through Google's Feedburner to take advantage of all the free tools and features Google provides) to make sure Google and the hundreds of lessor news sites find YOUR blog posts.

There are also ping sites that you can use to notify that you just made a new post.

by default almost every blog platform under the sun pings just one ping site:

Running your RSS feed "through" Feedburner means having your RSS feed registered with Feedburner, then having your feed "redirected" to Feedburner, resulting in the following:

Google wants to make sure it has the latest breaking "news" on any topic, you want Google to view YOU as THE AUTHORITY in your genre... you want to "scoop" your competition.

Think of this as you are now in the news publishing industry - if you want to rank in Google you've got to give Google what it needs, Give Google what it wants, and what it wants is to have the "freshest content" in any genre.

Translation? Google wants to know about every new chunk of information so it can ensure it has the scoop on it's competition (Bing and Yahoo)

You want something from Google? (doesn't everybody?)

Give Google what it wants.


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